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  • Australia Arabic Services

About Us

Arabic Visitors Services  (AVS)  is a personalized tourism consultancy service for the middle eastern market. Our company is based in the capital city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Managing Director of AVS is Ms Mariam  Elliott,  a native arabic speaker herself,  and an interpreter with 30 years experience.

OUR MISSION:- AVS’s mission statement is Three fold;

a)    To share this country’s unique beauty and culture with the rest of the World.
b)    To provide a one stop service for both our esteemed middle eastern clients,  offering a custom built itinerary catering to clients interests and incorporating the travel trade.
c)    Our personalized  services complete with interpreting (if required)  is unique,  and we guarantee  our services shall take any stress  from your travels  as you explore the diverse attractions and beauty of this vast and varied country called Australia.


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