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Visitor Services


We Provide: Interpreters/ Translators and Personal Assistants/ Secretaries for all your business meetings here in Australia. We also organise your hotel accommodation, conference room bookings and your catering needs for business dinners.



Australia is known worldwide for its high level of education offered within schools, colleges and universities. We believe that it is helpful to have a good grasp on the English language before commencing a higher education degree so we have the Pacific College of English, the Queensland College of English and many more colleges, located within various Australian capital cities, to assist you with your educational needs.


If you are coming to Australia to study, or for a short or long term holiday, we can take care of all your accommodation needs. We can guarantee that you will be provided with the highest standard of accommodation.


Medical Appointments

Similar to Harley Street, London, we have the Wickham Terrace Brisbane, Qld ( main street for top doctors and specialists) for Arabs coming into the country seeking medical treatnents. Arabic Visitor Services can arrange all your appointments for check-ups or any other health concerns.We will also provide a limousine to take you to and from appointments, and a male or female interpreter to accompany you should you require one.

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